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Leading the way in corporate team building Australia wide

Since 1988 Sabre HQ's corporate team building specialists have worked with employees from many businesses and companies in Australia and all across the world, helping build stronger group dynamics among staff members within the workplace. With bases and facilities for corporate team building in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sabre is looking forward to working with you!

Here are a few reasons that we are seen as industry leaders in helping develop effective workplace team relationships:

  • Operating since 1988 with major corporate clients.
  • Can offer a diverse range of team strengthening exercises, from pure fun to strategic developmental levels.
  • Professional people and infrastructure geared for corporate delivery.
  • Have worked with clients from many different industries and cultures.
  • Depth of theoretical knowledge to underpin our actions.
  • Widely regarded as market leaders & innovators in group development field.
  • Accustomed to working at diverse venues and locations.
  • Australian owned with genuine global network.
  • Have the product range and quality to work with you year after year.
  • Big enough to be the best, small enough to be personal and attentive.

Through our professional knowledge of the importance of a successful team environment, Sabre has built a highly successful team and as a result, a highly successful business ourselves.

Team relationship development exercises that get results

With the popularity of reality television these days, many of our group building clients favour an Amazing Race styled team bonding format as a way of getting participants out and about in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney CBD or resort areas. But as stand-alone exercises these concepts can be a little "light" or "treasure hunt" like, which has led Sabre to developing many quality team building elements to enhance your workplace's Amazing Race style group bonding exercise.

Corporate development near you

Sabre HQ provides corporate workplace development events and activities all over Australia.

As well as internationally

Call Sabre HQ today and let the experts in team building around Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne work for you to enhance and strengthen your team!

Team Building Events

Exciting and innovative group development activities and corporate team building events are tailored for our clients to powerfully illustrate the importance of strong workplace relationships and a strong workplace culture. All of our team building games and events are high impact & challenging, yet safe & inclusive.

Our signature group activities can be delivered to the entire company or specific business units such as those looking for specific management leadership group development events.
Some of our clients