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Team Building Articles:

Team building events with a theme


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The often quoted maxim for success in real estate is 'Position, Position, Position'. For team based events it could be said that the secret formula is 'Innovation, Innovation, Innovation !' With this in mind a theme can be a great way to create and implement a conference/incentive team event. Sabre has produced quite a range of themed team events for conferences and incentives. So what makes them work?

Themes can provide highly effective analogies for teamwork, performance and achievement. In addition to this, they allow us to subtly integrate a number of different elements. By blending a variety of elements together, we can create a powerful formula for event success. Exciting concepts and locations, creative experiential projects, the right blend of theoretical underpinning and relevant transferal can all be ingredients for a great team event.

Conference and incentive team programs must take into account a number of factors in the planning stage. These include such aspects as group size, venue and how much time the agenda itself can allow for the event (and if required, how to marry the interactive element with conference sessions). Presenting such events within the framework of a carefully selected theme can ensure much greater impact and memorability, particularly if time is short.

The proper development and implementation of a theme can also be a great bridge for crossing any potential barriers, such as delegate scepticism or fear of involvement. With this in mind, it is also critical that the activities selected are well within the physical capability of the target group (unless of course when responding to a specifically adventure oriented brief). All delegates irrespective of age, fitness or gender must be able to interact and enjoy the event.

Experience has demonstrated that this flexible approach, combined with professional delivery, will ensure enjoyment, relevance and memorability to virtually any audience.

By Talan Miller