Team Building Brisbane for Leadership Teams



The focus for a leadership team can often be upon developing the teams around them. 


What about the leadership team itself?


Recently we have designed and delivered quite a large number of team building programmes in Brisbane that have been heavily tailored for leadership teams.


The challenge with leadership teams can be that they will combine people who are already accustomed to being leaders in their own right.  Thus quite a lot of strong personality traits, thinking power and behaviours can coalesce in one place.


Strong personalities, high thinking power and a career’s worth of their own leadership traits can produce either great potential for success or a recipe for complete chaos depending upon how they manage their behavior.


A high degree of behavioural awareness is therefore essential to enable a leadership team to progress through the stages of team development as painlessly as possible. 


Failure to address how individual behaviours will influence the way the leadership team works together can produce conflict, wasted energy and exacerbate cognitive biases in decision-making.


When leaders know how to leverage one another’s strengths and offset one another’s weaknesses then collective intelligence goes up, if they fail to, then irrespective of their individual talents collective intelligence goes down.


Drawing upon individual and team Belbin profiles, insights from neuroscience and other behavioural models we are able to pinpoint the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of a leadership team.


For example:


A/ Individual Belbin Profile


This is based upon a detailed Self Perception Inventory (how I see my own behavioural contributions to the team), and multiple reliable Observers (how others see my contributions to this team). 


The resulting reports within the profile offer not just valuable insight, but also practical advice upon how to better manage both your strengths and weaknesses in real world scenarios.


B/ Working Relationship Reports


Once individual profile data is captured, we can also produce Working Relationship Reports that offer insight and advice on the behavioural dynamics between two people. 


In what we nickname “Speed Dating Sessions”, team members meet in pairs to explore what they may sustain, improve and fix about their working relationship using the positive and neutral language of the Belbin Team Role Model.


C/ Team Report


This report combines data from all individual reports and offers amazing insight into the strengths, weaknesses and culture of the total team.


It can be used to explore any biases that may arise when the team is at its best, and at its worst.


Pragmatic strategies can be explored and committed to for enhancing the way the team operates, and to accelerate the team development process. 


In this process a leadership team may explore the dynamics that influence how they operate, as opposed to how they may operate within any sub-teams that they work within or have report to them.



For Brisbane team building that works for leadership teams, we can adapt and tailor our approaches to suit the unique needs of each team based upon what the profile data reveals.


We have delivered these leadership team building solutions not just in Brisbane CBD venues, but also in regional conference destinations within drive distance of Brisbane such as The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and The Darling Downs.


In some instances proximity to the office is useful, and in others people may prefer a retreat environment that gets the leadership team well away from their familiar office environment. 


Either way, we tailor the workshop, profile and experiential / activity content to suit the team, their aims and the venue.


There are many great venue options in and around Brisbane for leadership team building retreats.  Contact us to find out more. 


We also have many great team building activity options for Brisbane to suit a leadership retreat / programme.