Team Building Brisbane Venue Selection Guide



Clients choose many different styles of venue in and around Brisbane for their off-site team building activities. 


Indeed some may even choose to conduct a team building or team development session on-site in their own training rooms. 


Whether it’s your own venue or an off-site venue, here are some basic considerations for helping choose the best team building Brisbane venues and locations.


Brisbane CBD Hotels for Team Building


Many people assume that a good team building activity in Brisbane will require heaps of equipment and a massive outdoor space. 


This is not always the case.


We have many team activity formats as well as indoor business games and challenges that can work very well for you using a CBD Hotel as a base.  These include mediums such as … 


Tabletop business games and simulations


Art, fashion and film-making style team building approaches. 


Team and Leadership DNA (tailored developmental sessions and workshops).


Over the years we have successfully delivered at many Brisbane CBD Hotel venues such as The Hilton, The Sheraton,  The Pullman, The Novotel, Rydges Southbank, Brisbane Marriott, Brisbane Watermark and many more.


Brisbane Public Parks for Team Building


Brisbane has some wonderful open public spaces that can work well for team building activities, but using public space can be a real double-edged sword.


Firstly, it is absolutely critical to obtain all required Brisbane City Council permissions to make use of any council owned or administered venues. 


Secondly, whilst key areas can be used, you cannot ensure that curious members of the public will observe and may even interfere with your event.


Privacy can be a big factor with a client deploying any form of team building experience for their staff and there are times when unwelcome attention, or even media coverage can be quite unwelcome. 


Having said this, if you are up for some outdoor team-based event fun in Brisbane’s Parks there are plenty of great options to choose from including The Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Cootha and numerous beautiful open suburban parks and public spaces. 


Event options such as The Amazing Race style activities or our Quest approach work well to incorporate Brisbane parks and open spaces. 


Using your own office meeting / training rooms for a team building session


Sometimes making use of your own venues can certainly cut down on transport and venue hire costs.


Whilst this is useful, it’s also important to take into account the psychological and morale boosting merits of taking people to a novel off-site venue.


Firstly, people will be less tempted to dive back into daily work / admin elated chores, calls and emails if they are not literally at work.


Secondly, and quite importantly, for team building purposes the inter-personal barriers are easier to erode and open behavioural interactions are easier to achieve outside of the workplace.


To help people see others outside of purely job title alone, there are tremendous benefits to leaving the workplace for any team or leadership development sessions.