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Can a "Cooking" activity work as a genuine team building process?

The popularity of Cooking programmes such as "Master Chef" and "My Kitchen Rules" has certainly helped to create some recent demand for cooking as an option for C&I (conference and incentive) based team building.

A basic cooking activity can offer a great deal of novel interaction and fun as a component of a conference, but can it actually deliver anything more than that?

It can, but you need to select exactly the right provider. The team designing and delivering the programme should actually back up the cooking component with some deeper skills and insights into how the cooking process will serve as a powerful analogy for team dynamics, execution and successful business.

Working in partnership with the cooking team building professionals at VictorsFood Sabre and Victors have created a suite of options that we call "The Ingredients of a Team". These approaches combine high-end individual and team profiling with sophisticated challenge tasks that serve as a prelude to the cooking component.

In addition to this we make great use of the experience that the VictorsFood team have in running their own successful restaurants and businesses around the world as the foundation for great stories and examples to link business issues and themes to the activity components as they unfold.

The partnership between Sabre and VictorsFood enables us to create far more sophisticated applications of the cooking genre whether for straight team building at a conference or for more targeted team and leadership development.

To find out more simply contact us or the good folks at VictorsFood who we recommend and use for all stand-along cooking programmes with our clients, and with our more complex "Ingredients of a Team" programmes.

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