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Team Building For Meetings and Off Sites

Getting the balance right

Is the team building activity at your meeting simply the last minute time filler, or is it a well thought out part of the overall success and strategic impact of the meeting?

A professionally delivered event can provide great enhancement to a meeting / off-site and is therefore deserving of careful selection, placement and planning as an integral part of the meeting content.

All too often the term “team building” gets thrown about as a ubiquitous term to cover anything from a company sponsored booze-up, to a golf afternoon or go karting session, but what is it really, and where should it fit into the bigger picture of a corporate meeting?

In its widest interpretation the term “team building” is used to describe a myriad of things, but in its pure form pertains only to those activities or challenges that somehow meaningfully re-enforce behavioural or business focused outcomes (albeit even in a justifiably fun and memorable way).

This can be achieved with carefully selected and high quality business games and team based approaches that will balance fun and enjoyment with the attainment of relevant business outcomes.

A haphazard grafting of a team activity into a meeting may be lucky enough to hit some points, but not others, or it may end up being an embarrassment to the organiser or worse if matters relating to safety, suitability and logistics are ill-considered.

The timing of where to insert a team building activity into a meeting, the type of activity and how it is to be linked to your aims is all deserving of very careful and professional attention.

This will ensure that a quality and well targeted outcome is genuinely achieved to enhance relationships, make a meeting memorable and get across important business messages in a memorable way.

Concepts inserted into meetings and off-sites can achieve great results, but only if they are well selected and implemented in the context of the total meeting by professionals working closely with the clients.

Sabre can guide you through this process based on over 26 years of highly specialised experience in this field.

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