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The Islands of Atlantis, a new indoor team building / business game.

The Islands of Atlantis is a new indoor team building activity / business game set in the ancient mythical (or real if you believe Plato's story) civilisation of Atlantis.

The ancient civilisation of Atlantis was rumoured to have been built upon great power, wisdom and unity that was ultimately thwarted by either the forces of nature or the growing hubris of its own leaders (or perhaps both?).

In this game each team represents a High Council and Senate that have been elected to provide good leadership, management and economic prosperity for their people for the term they have been elected for.

To ensure prosperity and their own re-election, each team must carefully husband and multiply the natural and man-made resources entrsuted to them via trade, negotiation and if need be, by going to war.

The balance between collaboration and competition in relationships with other powerful Islands within the Atlantis archipeligo is of great importance. It can all end in disater if teams fail to see the bigger picture.

The Islands of Atlantis is a great team building activity, a great business game and a fun way to learn the value of strategic interdependence within large organisations.

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