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Elite Sports Team Retreats

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Clubs wanting to be at the top of their game require leadership and teamwork that encompasses more than just what occurs on the actual field of play.

Targeting both on field and off field attributes of teamwork and leadership is what these programmes and retreats are all about. Team and Leadership development can be addressed at total club level, club leadership level and player level as required.

Sabre tailors packages that can be designed and delivered with a tiered approach for the team’s management, sponsors, players and trainers to incorporate a variety of hands-on practical elements along with unique insights into team and leadership tailored to suit the group.

Sabre blends established “Team Role” theory, profiles and team combination reports with challenging hands-on activities to illustrate effective team and leadership skills.

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership and decision-making on and off the field

  • Personal conduct and behaviour as part of a team

  • Diversity of operating styles and team roles

  • Developing team morale and effectiveness


The needs of each Club are addressed afresh so that approaches can be designed to suit the specific needs, aims and challenges of the various arms of the Club.

We have at our disposal a large “toolbox” of approaches that can be drawn upon to address the team and leadership dynamics across the Club. We can draw upon everything from current team role profiling technology and targeted workshops to powerful experiential “hands on” and action-learning modules. Thus we can carefully progress from the cerebral to more physical styles and adapt to suit the various layers of the Club from the management, admin and sponsors to the actual players at the “coal face”.

Methodologies can be applied as required to deliver…

  • Team and Leadership DNA sessions for Club management and admin.

  • Total Club experiences that unite management, admin, players and sponsors.

  • Tailored player pre season bush retreats and bonding events delivered by experienced former military trainers.

  • Mid season Club and team boosters

  • Mid season Club and sponsor networking and engagement activities

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