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Team Building Brisbane

The friendly and colourful capital city of Queensland is also an awesome location for team building conferences and off-sites, and Sabre has been working here since 1988.

Our most recent Brisbane team building activity was for the great folks from Goodlife who successfully completed our "Picture Perfect" challenge. Picture Perfect is a unique painting based team challenge that requires many seperate teams to ultimately create a giant conjoined materpiece.

It's all about cross-functional collaboration, communication and sharing to achieve a united outcome.

There are many fantastic paintings now hanging on boardroom and meeting room walls all around the world as a result of this activity, and such team artworks also serve as a lasting reminder of what people can do when they pull together and communicate.

It's a lovely feeling when attending a meeting with clients in Brisbane (or any other major city for that matter these days) and to pass one of our Picture Perfect team creations already upon their wall. It's also a great sales tool for us we must admit.

Brisbane lends itself to great indoor and outdoor approaches so if team building Brisbane is on your agenda, let Sabre help create a memorable experience for your teams.

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