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Escape Room / Puzzle Room Challenges for team building with our NEW "Great Escape" formats

The global craze of Escape Rooms and Puzzle Rooms is something that we feel can easily be tailored for mobile event solutions based on many previous formats Sabre has delivered for clients over the years. This enables the genre to be deployed at meeting and event venues.

At the risk of sounding like Hipsters, we were doing Escape Room scenarios long before it became trendy. We even did one in the infamous Jika Jika Ward of Pentridge prison back in the 1990's. See, we are trend setters.

There are even a variety of themes that we can make sue of including Secret Agent / Mission Impossible, Corporate Commando Missions, Murder Mystery and the good old fashioned Gaol Break. The beauty of a Sabre approach is that it can truly be designed for team building outcomes.

We have a huge range of brainteasers, physical challenges and a host of weird props and ingredients such as walky-talkies, iPads, laser sensors, costumes and forensic conundrums that can be blended to test small or large teams with myriad scenarios and obstacles.

Small sub teams can begin seperately from one another then as they escape from small rooms / spaces, gradually conjoin for bigger / total team challenges.

Sabre's "Great Escape" team building formats can bring the genre to life for your teams.


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