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'Battlespace' the business game for Hungry Jack's leaders

Leaders from Hungry Jack's were recently put through their paces in a leadership and team development session using The Belbin Team Role Model and a unique business game called 'Battlespace'.

After exploring the various clusters of behaviour that are evident from leaders and team members the (in classic Sun Tzu - "Know Yourself - Know Your Enemy" style) the briefing was given for a major offensive upon enemy forces in the marketplace.

During the sophisticated military themed business game teams must use time, space and resources wisely to seize and hold vital territory in a sustainable and profitable way. Far more than just the usual conference team building session.

With a few unexpected surprises along the way, teams need to deal with task and information overload in a table top game / simulation that draws out individual and collective behaviours for targeted de-brief and review.

The use of the military theme is not intended to turn corporate leaders into commandos, but rather to create a complex and competitive framework to explore how to enhance their own planning, briefing and execution skills through the lens of military leadership. Whether used for leadership, team development or high-end team building, this is a great game.

These guys did a sensational job, taking the required objectives with no casualties and high scores. Well done!

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