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Team DNA for our US partners TeamBonding (and- GO PATRIOTS!)

Our US partners at Teambonding are respected innovators and market leaders in team building right across North America.

The long standing relationship between Sabre and Teambonding already has them running some of our best concepts for their US and Canadian clients, and on a recent trip to Boston they have now taken onboard Sabre’s Team and Leadership DNA approaches.

The three day intensive training programme was delivered at their head office in Boston for their top US and Canadian facilitators and trainers. It was the culmination of months of preparation and development to take these approaches and localize them for their many US clients.

Team and Leadership DNA takes team building and leadership development to the next level by blending workshops, action learning, behavioural profiling, a range of integrative tools and models and targeted follow through.

Whilst Teambonding work all across the United States and Canada, it was a real treat for the Sabre team to be working in their home town of Boston. Such a fascinating city where old world charm meets cutting edge innovation in so many fields. It’s also such a friendly and polite city.

Having come from an Aussie summer it was also quite novel for some of the Aussie team to experience a New England winter including a little bit of snow.

Another thing we have in common with our American mates is the amount of miles / kilometres we often cover in delivering for our clients.

Just like Australia, clients can request events in myriad geographic locations. After our training many of their top team were quite literally off to the four corners of the US and Canada to locations like Dallas, Totonto, Washington and Los Angeles to deliver a wide variety of their and our team building programmes.

We are delighted to be working with the great folks at Teambonding and their founders David and Wendy Goldstein who are highly respected innovators and entrepreneurs in the team building field.

As this is being written, Superbowl 51 has just concluded, and with head office being in Boston these guys are mostly passionate New England Patriots fans, and so we congratulate them on an historic win!

Go Patriots!

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