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Indoor team building for your existing meeting spaces

Indoor team building games with Sabre

It is often the case that the threat of adverse weather, transport and set up time can make it a little tricky to work an outdoor team building of quality in to an agenda for a conference or off-site.

Even worse may be the sheer set up time required to turn a meeting room around to meet the needs of an indoor activity.

We have therefore designed some great indoor team building options that can make use of your existing meeting space with little or even no room turnaround needed.

Naturally specific logistical requirements for a team activity will vary from venue to venue, but as a general rule, the following examples from our large range of team building options for the indoors are quick and easy to set up.

Battlespace where teams become military command decision-making teams to play a table top business game with a potent military theme.

Picture Perfect is a cross-functional team challenge that requires separate teams to collaborate on the production of a large unified masterpiece..

When in Rome takes teams back to first century Rome to don togas then build their own profitable and sustainable empires.

Diamonds R4 Ever requires teams to trade and deal in exotic gems and metals and understand the dynamics of a changing market and a range of customers.

The Agency is a hugely enjoyable challenge that has teams using cameras, sound and other equipment and costumes to produce and film their own TV commercials.

Nexus is a fast-paced accelerated networking game that ensures people have a load of laughs while meeting plenty of folks and also sharing some info.

So we have these and more to choose from if you need to run a quality team building experience at your next meeting or off-site, but don’t want the headache of needing to book another room, or stress about the weather.

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