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Team Building Melbourne – An Amazing Race for Husqvarna

Beautiful blue sky and a pleasantly mild 24 degree summer day proved ideal for an Amazing Team Race around Melbourne for 10 teams from Husqvarna.

Kicking off in Docklands at Sheraton 4 Points, teams raced between checkpoints and roadblocks challenges set in and around major Melbourne tourist locations and landmarks such as Etihad Stadium, Batman Park, The Yarra Banks, CBD and concluding at ACDC Lane.

A medley of foot, tram and Uber was used to get around within strictly controlled team budgets.

Teams were rewarded at ACDC Lane with cryptic coordinates for their secret dinner location, where drinks and the announcement of final scores were to be announced.

Our tailored Amazing Team Races can be created to incorporate a wide range of locations and attractions for major city destinations like Melbourne, or indeed anywhere in the world.

The aims can be purely fun and getting out and about, or the inclusion of sophisticated team and leadership development outcomes.

At the fun end of the spectrum we set simple tasks and physical challenges in the spirit of parodying the reality TV format. These are also designed to remove the overt physicality of an actual ‘race’ so as not to be deemed an OHS risk. All Sabre concepts are designed to be inclusive.

When serious business and development outcomes are demanded from an event we have a portfolio of far more sophisticated challenges and activities to draw upon, with the Amazing Race format being a merely a structure to move teams from task to task.

More complex de-briefs, as well as individual and team Belbin behavioural profiles can be used to help obtain genuine impact and lasting value, even from a reality TV parody format.

After 30 years in the team building business, we bring a unique range of options and a certain style to what has now become a pretty standard format, but it’s important to remember that there are still many ways to run this event.

Sabre takes pride in designing and delivering some truly creative versions of this popular format.

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