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A C.S.I ‘Death of a DIVA’ and Belbin workshop in Townsville

We had the pleasure this month of kicking off our 2022 in sunny (a very sunny 40 degrees as it happens) Townsville.

Our C.S.I the Death of a Diva team building challenge is an indoor team game that requires each teams to become an investigative Police unit trying to solve a brutal murder of a local Drag Queen.

Saying ‘who-dunnit’ is naturally important, but equally important is assembling the evidence and getting the exact timeline of how it all unfolded to be able to convict the wrong-doer. This is where persistence, teamwork and problem solving really come into play.

Teams need to undertake crime scene re-enactments and sift through evidence backed up with some actual forensic testing to make their case at the end of the event.

On this occasion we also added value to the activity component with a Belbin workshop that explored individual and team profiles. This offers clients lasting insight into team strengths, weaknesses and enables better understanding and working relationships to be developed.


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