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An in-person Belbin and Battlespace programme just beats some new lockdowns

An in-person Belbin and Battlespace programme just beats some new lockdowns

A successful in-person Belbin and Battlespace team development session for a government client has just beaten a fresh bout of Covid lockdowns around Australia.

It was lovely to get another in-person event fitted in for a client before we revert to our online approaches for impacted by lockdowns in many capital cities. Luckily we have great online approaches for clients to be able to do some meaningful engagement virtually while lockdowns unfold.

The combination of individual and team Belbin profiles and reports with the robust ‘Battlespace’ approach is a powerful one.

Belbin offers evidence-based insights into individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. These can produce personal and team strategies for enhancing understanding and performance. The sophisticated business game / simulation ‘Battlespace’ then brings important team and leadership behaviours to life in a memorable and engaging way.

Targeted de-briefs and follow-through strategies bring the learning immediately into the context of transferral to real world performance improvements. There are also some carefully hand-picked lessons from the military with regards to teaming and leadership that can ensure lasting take-away value for leaders and teams alike.

Let’s hope that our clients can get back face-to-face event soon, in the meantime we have our online / virtual team building solutions to fall back upon.


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