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Belbin and Battlespace

Belbin and Battlespace a winning combination for team and leadership development.

We often combine a Belbin workshop with one of our high-end team building games to meet a client’s brief.

Belbin provides the evidence-based foundation to genuinely explore a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The quality simulation will then bring the behaviours to life for targeted review and follow-through. With Belbin in play any activity de-briefs are anchored in real data and learning, not just flippant observations from an activity.

This week at the Pullman Hyde Park in Sydney we worked with a leadership team running their yearly strategic retreat and delivered a half-day Belbin Leadership Workshop followed by a Battlespace team challenge.

The Belbin Workshop explores how the Belbin Model can be understood and used to enhance team development, working relationships and self-awareness. Participants can then explore their own individual reports and combined reports for the chemistry of their team and the implications for their own leadership style.

Battlespace is a sophisticated indoor business game that uses a military theme and complex unfolding scenario to bring team and leadership behaviours to life. Belbin features strongly in de-briefs to link lessons learned more powerfully to real world commitments and outcomes.

The combination is a potent one in that it provides not only memorable interactive learning, but also lasting value back at work as individuals and teams apply the Belbin tools and approaches ongoing.

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