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Big team building events are on the comeback

Sabre runs big team building events for clients on the Gold Coast
Big team building events on the Gold Coast

It’s wonderful to see our clients staging national level team building events with larger groups once again.

Whilst there has been a solid trend for frequent smaller and localised events some clients are starting to get back into the bigger national events.

This sends a positive signal to their people that reconnecting and re-engaging teams after the periods of lockdowns and isolation is a priority. It also sends a signal to the development and events industry that we may be seeing a return to some normality.

One such client we had the privilege to work with recently was Abbvie and 300 of their people. We staged a big team build for them at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast that was also linked to the donation of many BackPack Beds, Sleeping Bags and Care Packages for the Homeless. Some of their leadership team even slept out that night raising even more money for BackPack Beds for Homeless.

Giving Back has been another welcome trend for such clients wanting to leave a lasting legacy from their meetings that helps provide comfort, safety and dignity to others. It makes a huge difference to the charities seeking to deal with increasing demands for their services.

Reconnecting teams on a small office or even state level has been back underway for some time now, but these larger events help re-establish the human culture of organisations nationally.

We are certainly very happy to see this style of event return and hope that it now continues to help large organisations break away from the purely online formats.


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