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Leadership Workshops in Victoria

Belbin leadership Workshops by Sabre

Leadership Workshops in Country Victoria

Sabre has recently enjoyed staging several high-end leadership workshops and retreats for clients in regional Victoria.

It was a pleasant task indeed to head to some beautiful country retreats and wineries in country Victorian locations such as Coldstream and Lancefield. The picturesque and quiet surrounds offer ideal scope for senior teams to work on deeper insights into their teams and strategies.

Such workshops are always highly tailored by us to meet the specific aims and objectives of each client making use of pre-workshop consultation and diagnostics to design the best approaches.

We utilise Belbin profiles and reports give participants deep and practical insights into individual, team and working relationship dynamics that can be used to achieve better understanding and performance within leadership teams. Easy to deploy follow-through is also achievable using these tools.

Leadership teams demand highly experienced and credible facilitators for such sessions, and so it is always our Director level facilitators that will front such workshops. Likewise activity content needs to be carefully selected to have a sophisticated and relevant impact as opposed to just the usual conference or off-site 'jolly'.

To find our more about our tailored leadership workshops get in touch:

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