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Nothing beats a live event for genuine team building

The return of face-face events shows just how important real working relationships are to the success of teams.

What a thrill it has been to work with some our clients in live events again recently. It has demonstrated to us that no matter how far remote teams and remote working has come, it simply doesn’t replace the power of 'in person' chemistry within teams.

The palpable inter-personal chemistry that defines quality team dynamics is just so much more difficult to replicate on a Zoom meeting, and the teams that we have worked with on live events post-shutdown have loudly echoed these sentiments.

Currently all live events must be in our COVID-Safe formats, but it still beats a screen and such restrictions will ease in time.

We can safely work within government guidelines to design dn deliver great team building and development events for our clients. Some are modified versions of some old favourites, and others new event constructs.

To see more about our COVID-Safe team building event formats click here and visit the page, or call us on 1300 731 381 or email .


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