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Spring / Summer Weather Alerts highlight the value of planning ahead

Spring / Summer Weather Alerts from B.O.M should remind event planners that being decisive and planning ahead can pay off.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology warn that this Spring / Summer period is highly likely to have highly unpredictable weather.

This places outdoor team building formats at greater than usual risk of disruption / cancellation. Events like Amazing Team Races for example just simply cannot be staged in bad / dangerous weather.

We advise giving consideration to team building event options that can be staged indoors / easily adapted to indoors. If insistent upon outdoor options / venues, then please be aware that back up indoor options rely upon booking indoor spaces and pre-arranging availability of any equipment needed.

Decisions to switch from planned outdoor formats to back-up indoor ones must to be made in a timely manner and with reasonable notice in advance of the delivery date with indoor spaces secured.

We cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience or cancellations that arise from failing to secure alternate indoor spaces or to make decisions for any offered wet weather back-ups in a timely manner.

Purely outdoor formats and outdoor venues can be great if the weather is nice, but indecisive and last-minute attempts to switch to plan B's without the right spaces and options being available can be a disaster.


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