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Team Building for Schools

Team Building for Schools

Sabre designs and delivers a wide variety of team building and leadership development options for schools.

Over the years we have worked regularly with entire cohorts and leadership teams from year 6 to Year 12 level. We also design great PD sessions for staff.

Programmes range from purely activity-based to those that can also integrate history and STEM curriculum aspects and Belbin GetSet individual profiling (for mapping strengths).

One of our favourite formats has an Ancient Roman theme and we have a highly sophisticated indoor or outdoor adventure-based option to select from.

We aim wherever possible to design formats that can engage many different personality and behavioural styles, thus allowing all students to shine at some stage of a project.

Delivery can be on-site at a school or at any suitable off-site camp or venue.

To find our more call us on 1300 731 381 or email


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