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Team building fun at the Austinmer rock pools south of Sydney

Team building fun south of Sydney at Austinmer with one of our Kon Tiki boat builds

The beautiful seaside town of Austinmer is located between Sydney and Wollongong. This region is characterised by a spectacular rocky coastline, lush green hills and a slower pace that makes it seem incredible that it’s less than an hour from Sydney.

There are also some large ocean rock pools that have provided a perfect location and backdrop for the great folks from Joyce, who very successfully completed one of our Kon Tiki boat building team building challenges.

This team challenge is a great format to underpin unity of purpose, the value of diversity within teams and also managing a real time compressed project.

We have been running this format for many years now, and it’s somewhat of an evergreen based on its impact and effectiveness.

A critical component of the final races, after boats have been built from our special naval architectural blueprints and some odd materials, is to race on a safe body of water.

Whilst the boats are strong and robust enough to take a lot more punishment, OHS comes first, and we can make use of hotel and report lagoons and pools or great outdoor locations like these great rock pools at Austinmer.


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