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Team Building for Melbourne

Team Building Melbourne


Melbourne is a stylish and sophisticated destination, and clients tend to select Melbourne team building event concepts to match the unique culture and ambiance of the city itself.


When we first began working with clients in Melbourne they tended to favour “out of town locations” such as Cape Shanck, Portsea, Torquay and the Yarra Valley. 


Whilst these are still popular with some clients we have seen a big trend over the years towards CBD based events and programmes that take advantage of iconic team building Melbourne locations such as Old Melbourne Gaol, Eureka Skydeck, Southbank, Bourke Street Mall etc.


Such “on foot” team building Melbourne oriented events such as The Quest or Amazing Team Race can also be supplemented with journeys on the famous Melbourne trams.


We have many fond memories of clients from overseas enjoying both a great team building construct and a tram tour of some of Melbourne’s famous landmarks, parks and venues.


We even designed a massive tailored event called “The Melbourne Game” for a pharmaceutical client with 300 people once that had them throw giant dice to determine where they would go next.  It had them running around Melbourne for a day of adventure and team based fun. 


Recently we have also had many clients ask us to tailor both indoor and outdoor options in and around the St Kilda area and its characteristic waterfront.


Increased pressures upon event planners for achieving bigger results from shorter durations has also influenced many clients to seek indoor business games and themes for team building  Melbourne.


Irrespective of what you need to achieve, we are certainly very experienced at working in and around Melbourne to suit your team, leadership and event needs. 

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