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Belbin Team Roles

Team Building Theory


The following summaries will provide some insight into the major models and theories concerning the process of team building and team development. 


After many years of working in this field we certainly have our own opinions about which models are more effective, but will try to keep our biases out of the brief summaries contained here. 


From time to time we will add more summaries of some of the popular models and theories that abound. 


The Belbin Model


Team Building 101 - The 3 Levels of Team Building


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


DISC Assessment


Leadership Theory / Models


Traits of a good team building facilitator


Team Building Articles / Blog


Free Team Building Resources


Why team building works?


Team Building Outcomes


So What is Team Building?


Team Building Exercises


Team Building Games


Psychological Safety Within Teams


The inconvenient truth of team building


7 Classic Team Types and How to Develop Them









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