Team Building in Melbourne

We found it hard to do just the 'Top 5' so

here's a quick 'Top 10'

The Quest
The Quest out and about adventures
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect painting team challenge
Team Toy Story
Team Toy Story charity and CSR team event
Rollerball team building challenge
Battlespace military themed business game
Team DNA Upgrades
Team DNA tailored team development workshops
The Agency
The Agency movie and ad making team challenge
Nexus accelerated networking game
Fashion Fiasco
Fashion Fiasco catwalk and runway team challenge
Kon Tiki Challenge
Kon Tiki Challenge boat building team activity
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The Top 5 Team Building Activities for Melbourne




Melbourne and great team building will go hand in hand when clients are enabled to match the right activity to their needs and to the nature of their team.  Since 1988 Sabre has been designing great solutions for Melbourne that can be deployed indoors and outdoors to suit everything from pure fun to high-end learning and development outcomes.  The recent Top 5 team building options for Melbourne reflects a range of tastes for both indoor and outdoor event options.


1 - The Melbourne Quest


The Quest can be tailored in so many different ways, and can also incorporate some of Melbourne's best landamrks and attractions as part of team journey with a purpose.  Whilst having some 'out and about' similarity to an An Amazing Race, The Quest is actually more sophisticated and less cliched than that somewhat over-used format.  The Melbourne CBD and Southbank precincts offer colourful, vibrant and interesting backdrops for a wide range of team challenge tasks hand-picked for your specific needs.  


2 - Picture Perfect


As Melbourne is not just associated with great team building, but also the arts, Picture Perfect offers a very stylish and effective indoor activity option that can be easily deployed at your venue.  Don't worry about needing to be an accomplished artist, you won't need to be, quality execution in this challenge comes down to great communication, collaboration and teamwork.   This unique team building activity makes the point very strongly that if we see and be a part of that elusive 'bigger picture' we can unite in purpose and create a true masterpiece as a team.


3 - The Agency


As a city that prides itself on creativity and innovation, Melbourne is a top location to deploy The Agency team building challenge. Each team will script, develop and then film their own TV commericals or short films designed to incorporate key company themes and issues in humourous ways.  With costumes, props, cameras and all other equipment provided by us, teams have every opportunity to put their best feet forward and create a memorable and creative summary of any key themes.  The sights and sounds of Melbourne afford some wonderful locations for this challenge. 


4 - Team DNA / Leadership DNA


For those seeking something that goes beyond steretypical team building in Melbourne, Team DNA goes a step beyond into genuine team development.  We use behavioural profiles and reports (The Belbin Team Role Model) and hand-picked experiential and workshop based approaches to achieve real and lasting outcomes from each programme.  Highly tailored and certain to hit the mark. 


5 - Battlespace


Battlespace is not about training your folks to become military commanders, but rather uses the theme to powerfully illustrate the need for good teamwork and leadership to thrive in competitive and rapidly changing complex environments.  This sophisticated business game can be easily deployed at any Melbourne meeting venue and make use of your existing meeting space.



Melbourne is a top destination for tailored team building, and this ‘Top5 Team Building Options for Melbourne’ is based on recent demand, but please we have so many more to choose from so pelase feel free to look further in this site.


Contact us for a detailed proposal tailored to suit your specific needs. 


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