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Whose bike is a great team building for charity option.
Team building for charity by building bikes for kids

A Charity Team Building Challenge.





What initially appears to be a highly competitive race to recover the various components of a bike for a big race is progressively revealed as a unifying endeavour to donate these bikes to a worthy kids charity.


The “Whose Bike Is This Anyway?” team building challenge presents a powerful message for the participants and a great outcome for the community.


The overriding message is that the smaller parts and contributions combine to make a BIG difference.


This is emphasised by bike parts when put together carefully combining to create a bike that kids will love and finally that the members of the team have combined to create a great team that have made it all possible.


A great activity that gives teams the opportunity to not only learn more about team skills, their own and others team role behaviours, but also make a contribution to the community!


We can organise for a senior representative from the charity to be on hand to receive the donation, thank the team and familiarise them with what the charity does.


Note: We have charity reps involved, but will not organise for any of the actual children receiving the bikes to be present at the event as after a great deal of research and liaison regarding the emotional aspects of doing so for the kids involved, we feel it is not actually in the best interest of the individual children to have them exposed to the groups given their personal circumstances. 



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