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The Amazing Race tv shows provide great themes for some fun team building.
Teams can have a load of fun on an Amazing Race style activity.

Amazing Race Team Building Challenge themes


Tap into the adventure, challenge and reality TV genre (without the distasteful bugs and discomfort) whilst getting out and about in your chosen destination. 


The group is met by their Amazing Team Race host and is issued the challenge – to participate in The Amazing Team Race, before being divided into teams 


Each team receives an equipment pack containing such items as team coloured bandanas, cameras, film and competition brief with numerous bonus questions and team building challenges that may be done en-route for bonus points.


The written brief will outline how the challenge will work and the questions and challenges that they must undertake along the way. The questions can be about specific company issues, information on the nominated locations as well as “treasure hunt” style questions.  Creative photo shots must also be created that incorporate key meeting themes and products.


Teams will start at a given location and be told to be at a certain RV point at a given time.  Teams must have completed a certain number of challenges on route to that RV point.  Teams will then move along a course, meeting at several locations on route to a final destination or Pit Stop.



Events and Team Building Activities


As the group arrives at each RV point they will remove a Detour or Roadblock card from the game board.


Detours (team challenge activities)


Many challenges will be detours where the team must undertake an activity together. In a detour teams must choose between two activities – each of which has its pros and cons. The detour card lists the choice of ‘challenges’ that the team must undertake.  Once teams have successfully completed the detour challenge they will receive a clue as to the time and place of their next RV point as well as tasks and challenges to complete on route.


Road Blocks (individual skill and bravado challenges)


At some RV points teams will find a Road-Block.  A Road-Block is a task that only one (or a few) team member can perform.  When teams receive a road-block, they are told that one team member must complete the nominated challenge. Teams can choose to take the challenge, or a penalty should they decline the challenge.


The Final Pit Stop


The last clue for the day will tell them their final RV point.  They are told that this will be their final pit stop for that day.  Once all teams have arrived the host can announce which team is the winner of The Amazing Race team building challenge.  Prizes can be awarded as required.




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