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Short Team Building Sessions

Responding to demand from the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events) market for short duration options, Sabre continues to create condensed / accelerated team building experiences.

These can be useful for conference and meeting planners left with shorter time slots, but still needing a quality interactive team building experience.  These options have varied themes and styles, and we are creating more throughout the course of the year.

Catwalk Chaos Sabre Team Building.jpg
Paint Your Brand Sabre Team Building.jpg
team building versagility.png
Breaking The News Sabre Team
The Networking Game Sabre Team Building.
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Viking themed team building game
BELBINUK - Team Role Headshots with logo
Catwalk Chaos Sabre Team Building.jpg

Catwalk Chaos

Each team becomes an international fashion house.  


Their mission is to rapidly design and manufacture a catwalk creation to adorn one of the very own models, then stage a catwalk show of their creation.  


Teams can be given clever themes and genre to work with. 

KFC Catwalk Chick.jpg
Breaking The News Sabre Team

Breaking The News

Teams transform into hard hitting journalists rushing to get a special segment planned, filmed and broadcast to air.  


A quick workshop on journalistic style and techniques followed by the issue of cameras, tripods, some costume items and the story they need to break.

Company values, missions and products can be integrated very easily into this format.

team building movie making crew on set.p
Paint Your Brand Sabre Team Building.jpg

Paint Your Brand

Small teams are given artist canvasses, painting materials and cryptic templates from which works of art featuring your branding can be created. 


To match images and colours teams will need to network, collaborate and truly be aware of the bigger picture. 

Some beautiful and lasting reminders of the event, and your messages can be taken away at the end.

Leadership DNA with Anglicare
The Networking Game Sabre Team Building.


The Networking Game

An accelerated way to get people networking, learning more about each other and working together.  


Each person is issued a special coded lanyard that is solidly locked. 


People need to find the person to unlock them, and along the way complete a ‘human treasure hunt’, then work to complete a team challenge task.


New 1 Hour Adaptations

Here are some of our most popular concepts that can be modified into great 1 hour versions.

team building versagility.png


Teams need to be both Versatile and Agile to win.

Versagility provides teams with a menu of potential point winning tasks that range from performance and challenge based activities, to the creative and outright zany.

With minimum and maximum task categories to complete, the team that wins will have made optimal use of their human resources and prioritised their time for maximum profitability. 

photos bike 111.jpg
charity csr team building toys.png

Team Toy Story

Team Toy Story is a wonderful CSR / Charity team build that delivers quality toys to some genuinely deserving kid's charity organisations.

Each team competes to earn maximum budget for an unknown final challenge, which turns out to be a giant toy store and auction.

Toys are then boxed and handed over to representatives from your chosen charity.

Team Building for charity with Sabre's T
Raiders and Traders Logo.png
Raiders and Traders

In this energetic business game each team represents a Viking Clan about to explore profitable opportunities.


Teams will trade and negotiate and if the risk vs rewards stack up perhaps even engage in a bit of raiding.  


If teams are clever in how they go about intelligence gathering, they can leverage information in a timely fashion to help achieve their aims.


The game is fun and competitive whilst also enabling some collaboration between teams to emerge as the journey unfolds. Deals are done, and teams will also engage in a large amount of accelerated networking.

Group Size: 15 and up

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Venue: Indoors, no extra set up required, can be run in most meeting room set ups.

Key Themes: Networking and fun, exploiting opportunities, negotiation, the power of information, risk vs reward, team roles and communication, planning and execution, competition, profitability.

Raiders and Traders team building game
BELBINUK - Team Role Headshots with logo

Belbin Behavioural Profiles and Reports

Belbin Behavioural profiles and Reports offer lasting value and insight into individual and team strengths.  Better understanding, appreciation of diversity and better engagement by enhancing working relationships is the aim.

A tailored one hour de-brief of the Belbin Model and your people's Belbin Profiles can add profound depth and immediate take-away value from a meeting.

Self-guided handouts and guides can enable people and teams to do valuable follow-through also.

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