Innovative L&D Solutions

Sabre designs and delivers solutions for learning and development outcomes using a wide range of approaches.​  We are a Regional Representative for the "Belbin Model" / Belbin Australia, operate our high-level "Team and Leadership DNA" concepts as well as "Sustainable Teaming" and "The Leadership Academy".  We also align with the "Neuropower Group" to offer cutting edge neuroscience based approaches for teamwork, leadership and culture change.

The Belbin Team Role Model


Sabre is an official Regional Representative for the "Belbin Team Role Model" and can offer clients the full range of Belbin profiles, products and services as a Belbin Australia Representative.


The Belbin Model can be effectively used for team building, leadership development, talent management, culture change, restructures, conflict resolution, internal and external recruitment, personal development and job suitability.


Sabre can also Officially Accredit HR, L&D and other interested professionals in the model and provide sales and support of the full "eInterplace" system for clients to generate their own profiles and reports internally.









Team / Leadership DNA 
Sustainable Teaming


"Team and Leadership DNA" are highly tailored events, programmes and solutions for genuine team and leadership development.  Sabre combines expert facilitation with individual and team profiles that are re-enforced with high-end experiential re-enforcement and pragmatic transferral to real world.


"Sustainable Teaming" is a strategic process for the design and delivery of sophisticated 3 month, 6 month and 12 month programmes that takes team development way beyond simplistic one-off "team building" events. This process blends pre-event diagnostics and a carefully times series of on-site and off-site events to equip individuals and teams with lasting tools and strategies for ongoing and self-guided development. 

Team DNA, Leadership DNA and Sustainable Teaming are Registered Trademarks of Sabre Corporate Development.

The Leadership Academy


"The Leadership Academy" is a highly tailored and business focused leadership development approach


Sabre partners with world-renowned and eminent business experts such as Dr Malcolm McGregor, Steve Robinson and the Neuropower Group to draw upon the very finest insights into business leadership.


Each programme is built from the ground up to meet real business needs and can draw from a large "toolbox" of approaches, facilitators, presenters and content that is suitable for a leadership audience.


The Leadership Academy is typically a multi-day residential programme with extensive pre-programme diagnostics and post event validation and review to measure uptake and effectiveness.  A great recent example is the "Coles Operations Leadership Academy" with 85 senior management alumni and excellent impact within the business.



Neuro Teaming and Leadership


"Neuro Teaming" and "Neuro Leadership" are highly tailored approaches designed and delivered in partnership with the Neuropower Group.


The Neuropower group are internationally recognised experts in the application of cutting edge neuroscience to accelerated teaming, transformational leadership and culture change within corporate and governemnt organisations.  


The combination of Sabre Corporate Development and Neuropower offers a powerful blend of the highest levels of facilitation along with cutting edge insights from neuroscience and tailored experiential and simulation based content. 


These programmes are based upon over 25 years of indepth research and experience from author, neuroscience and behavioural expert Peter Burow and his team.