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regional representative for Belbin Team Roles

The Belbin Team Role Model

Sabre is Sole Distributor for the the Belbin Model in Australia along with all associated products, services, consulting and official Belbin Accreditations within Australia (and overseas by client request).​

We have been using the Belbin Model as a powerful tool for team building, accelerated teaming, leadership development, conflict resolution, change management and personal development since 1989.  


The valuable insights and strategies for projecting strengths and managing weaknesses serves as valuable and pragmatic take-away for each participant, team and organisation.


Sabre are truly experts in Belbin Team Roles Australia.




Belbin Team Roles Australia .png

Video Clip: "What is Belbin?"

regional representative for Belbin Team Roles

Sabre's MD Talan Miller with Meredith Belbin at a recent Belbin Symposium at Cambridge University.

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