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Key Sabre Team Members

The Sabre Corporate Development team is composed of dynamic, highly experienced and professional people who possess the knowledge to underpin their actions for everything from "serious fun" to "serious outcomes". 


Key Personnel, Senior Facilitators, Consultants and Event Managers


Talan Miller

Managing Director


Talan founded Sabre in 1988.  He created his early programmes based upon practical insights into teamwork, leadership and team building gained from service as a young officer in the Australian Army.  He also had a brief stint in the film and television industry as an advisor, which added some theatricality and flair to Sabre’s approaches.  He has designed and delivered everything from fun conference events to high-end team and leadership development. He has worked successfully with top level corporate, government, defence, NGO and sporting clients in Australasia, The Pacific, The USA, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.  He is an accomplished and respected leader, businessman, facilitator, speaker, expert in team role theory (using The Belbin Team Role Model since 1989, and now Distributor for Australia) and recognised innovator in this field.

Belbin Distributor and Senior Facilitator and Consultant for Australia


Megan Miller BSc, BA, Dip Ed (UQ)



Meg joined Sabre as a lead team building facilitator after successful professional leadership, training and educational experience as both an Officer in the Australian Army and as a High School teacher.  She has since become a Director and General Manager as well as a senior facilitator and designer of Sabre approaches.  She has successfully designed and delivered events and programmes for major clients in Australia and overseas and has been integral to Sabre’s ongoing development and success as a respected business and innovator in this field.

Belbin and D.I.S.C Accredited


Samantha Biddle BSc (UQ)

Director of Operations (Australia), Event Manager and Facilitator


Sam joined Sabre after successful management positions in hospitality and events and initially undertook an overseas posting with an international alliance partner before taking up her position as Director of Operations.  Sam is also an accomplished event manager, programme designer and expert on the “nitty gritty” of what goes into a successful Sabre event or programme from start to finish. 

Belbin and M.B.T.I Accredited


Craig Penson

Event Manager and Facilitator

Craig started working with Sabre as an event facilitator and has over the years keenly developed his skills and capabilities to become a highly successful event manager.  He has successfully delivered events for many Sabre clients in Australia and overseas.  Craig also handles the management of Sabre’s equipment acquisition, storage, maintenance and deployment in Australia.

Belbin Accredited

Fenlan Miller

Event Manager and Facilitator


Fen is a keen team facilitator / event manager and a recent graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon (currently serving as a young Officer in the Army Reserve).  He is a keen outdoorsman and  a Duke of Edinburgh Award Guide.   Fen is currently finishing a double degree in Arts / Journalism and is also a Belbin Accredited trainer working on both our Sabre and Belbin programmes.

Belbin Accredited

Khyja Miller

Event Manager and Facilitator


Khyja is a keen sportsperson, coach and team facilitator.  Having achieved the prestigious Gold Level in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, and being a recent winner of the QLD Premier's ANZAC Prize,  she is also familiar with challenging herself and others.  Khy is currently undertaking her Belbin training with us and also finishing a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Archaeology. 


Neil Smallman MA (Oxford)

Event Manager and Facilitator


Neil is an “Australianised” Brit who studied philosophy and politics at Oxford before a successful career as an Officer in the British Army serving with the prestigious Welsh Guards.  Having also established and operated his own boutique recruiting and consulting firm, Neil now delivers team and leadership development events and programmes to major Sabre clients based upon his unique military and commercial experiences. 

Mike Prior

Senior Leadership Facilitator and Event Manager


Mike has a very diverse set of military leadership, commercial and training experiences. Mike served as an elite FA18 Hornet Fighter Pilot in the Australian Airforce before working as a senior manager in major international aerospace companies, and undertaking studies to earn his law degree.  Mike delivers tailored leadership keynotes, Leadership DNA and Team DNA programmes and sessions to major Sabre clients.

John Reynolds

Event Manager and Facilitator


John is an experienced Sabre facilitator and event manager having been integral to many successful events and programmes for major corporate clients.   John is an accomplished stunt actor and advisor to the film and television industry with numerous international credits including “The Chronicles of Narnia”, Stephen Spielberg’s “The Pacific” and Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”.



Kane Sarota

Event Manager and Facilitator


Kane looks after Sabre’s Cairns and Port Douglas bound events and programmes with the ability to match his energy, personality and experience to the local region. With a background as a film and television actor and screen writer Kane brings a great presence, colour and personality to any event that he is event managing or facilitating on. 


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