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Online Team Building

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Quality Online Team Building and Development Solutions


Many of our clients have remote and hybrid teams which can limit their options for ongoing team engagement and team development.


Our Team DNA programme has made the leap into a fully online version with ease, and it has been deployed effectively throughout the pandemic for teams across Australia. Some teams remain fully remote / online, and some hybrid teams are now split between work from home and being on-site.


Recent successful online team events using our Team DNA approach have been for a broad mix of clients including manufacturing, government, corporate and not for profit.


An online Team DNA event features three distinct stages:


Tailored pre-course online package

Scheduled Interactive Team Zoom Sessions


Targeted follow-through



Whilst a Zoom based session lacks the full gravity of a face to face session, it’s far better than letting team engagement and morale wither on the vine. With quality pre-course work, well-structured sessions and follow-through our fully online Team DNA gets results.

Main elements in a nutshell:



Easy to complete online Belbin Self-Perception assessments (with valuable 360 degree feedback also easy to integrate). Results are emailed automatically upon completion. We can also create insightful 'Team Reports' that show the chemistry of the team, and 'Working Relationship Reports' that explore the dynamics between two people. Evidence based insight into people and teams that you can work with and explore together online.




Self-guided pre-session tools and workbooks for use during any online team sessions.



Interactive exercises that can be conducted online to engage and connect the team whilst unpacking the tools and exploring how to personalise them for the workplace.

The Famous Team Exercise


The Dream Project Team

Team Circle Exercise

Working Relationship Speed Dating In Pairs Over Virtual Coffee


We can even train and accredit internal trainers and facilitators to run their own Team DNA style sessions.

Contact us for a tailored proposal


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