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Indoor team building business game with a military theme by Sabre
Team building activity with a military for conferences, off-sites and learning and development

Team Building Business Game




A surprise commando raid interrupts your meeting and kicks off the military team building theme with plenty of energy and laughter.  Participants are then playfully transformed into command decision-making teams for a unique and engaging military campaign. 


Battlespace is a real time indoor strategy game designed to cleverly bring to life meaningful parallels to the military as well as key business learning outcomes (it’s also a lot of fun).  Like a competitive Marketplace, the Battlespace can be a hazardous place to be unless you can rely on your team mates and have a thorough knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses (and those of your enemy).  


Teams will gather intelligence, plan their logistics and then deploy combat air and ground assets to get the job done in accordance with both their overall Vision and Mission.


Battlespace requires people to meaningfully engage with, and communicate with one another as team, leadership and decision making dynamics are brought to life during the game.  These can be easily observed and reviewed as required. 


Battlespace has been painstakingly designed by Sabre’s former military team members (who also have extensive business experience) to target key issues within an enjoyable military theme. 


Whilst it uses military approaches and themes it does not require any prior familiarity with the military and is not gender biased.  It is about collaborative and inclusive teamwork and team building where brains (both IQ and EQ) are valued over brawn alone.


People will walk away with a better understanding of themselves, their team and their respective operating methods along with valuable take-away tools and techniques for enhancing individual and team execution. These are deployable immediately in the real world.


Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, management, command, execution excellence, situational awareness, decision-making, risk versus reward, the value of manoeuvre over attrition, economy of effort, role clarity, avoidance of stove pipes, the value of open communication, developing decision superiority / faster decision making cycles, internal customer relationships and support, cross functional operating, interdependence, self awareness, trust, external and internal threat identification and awareness, fun and engagement, dealing with task and information overload, unity of purpose, the will to win, dealing with change, team roles and diversity.


Duration: 3 hour half day and full day versions are available as required.


Group Size: 5 and up


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