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Belbin Australia


Sabre Corporate Development is proud to be Belbin Australia Distributor.


We have been designing and delivering solutions for clients that use the Belbin Team Role Model since 1989, and have been trained and mentored in Belbin by the very best from Belbin.  


We can deliver...


  • Belbin Profiles and reports

  • Official 2 day Belbin Australia Accreditation Courses

  • Keynotes, sessions and workshops using the Belbin Model

  • Team and leadership development programmes that integrate the Belbin Model

  • Business games and experiential re enforcement

The Belbin Team Role Model is a world-renownded approach for team and leadership development, conflict resolution, career path management, personal development, as an aid to recruitment and much more.


Within the Sabre team are 7 highly experienced and accredited Belbin facilitators and trainers, who can provide anything from individual profiles to official accreditation in the model and consulting for team and leadership development anywhere within Australia (and by request of course also to our overseas clients). 


Having been associated with Belbin since 1989 Sabre is a highly experienced practitioner of the Belbin Team Role Model and all of its applications.


Furthermore, as officially appointed Australian Distributor, Sabre has constant access to the very latest developments and innovations in Belbin from around the world. 


So if any client is seeking quality insights, applications or products and services for Belbin Australia, we will be delighted to assist.  Sabre continues to work closely with Belbin UK to bring the very best inights, tools and results from the use of the Model to our Australian clients.

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