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Team Building History of Sabre Corporate Development

History of Sabre Team Building / Corporate Development

Sabre Corporate Development was founded on Australia’s Gold Coast in 1988, and now operates globally designing and delivering everything from serious fun to serious outcomes in team building and development (using themes and genre as diverse as art, fashion, film, military, team role theory and cutting edge neuroscience).


Its early days Sabre approaches were based upon insights and techniques for practical team bonding, sustainable teamwork and leadership that were gained by Sabre MD Talan Miller from his experiences as a young officer in the Australian Army (as well as creative games he devised back in his early - mid teens when he ran activities at The Gold Coast War Museum on his school holidays). In its early years the business provided themed team actvities and leadership development for local corporate conference and event clients.  


Sabre also operated a small but exciting venture in the Film and TV industry called “Movie Militaria” that provided rare military vehicles, equipment and military advising to numerous film and television productions.


The brand “Adventure Conventions” was used to provide outdoor approaches for corporate clients, and by the mid 1990’s Sabre had expanded its approaches considerably to incorporate a far wider variety of team building themes, robust theoretical underpinning and indoor and outdoor event and activity-based ideas.


The business began to focus more upon sophisticated business team activities and team and leadership development as its core business. Throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s Sabre engaged in numerous high-level overseas alliances, study trips and R&D ventures to help obtain and create the best insights available into not just experiential learning, but also high-end team and leadership development theory and consultancy to compliment their home grown ideas and approaches.


Sabre’s client base gradually widened to incorporate local, national and international clients from Multi-National Corporations, Domestic Business, Government, Sport and Defence. Currently Sabre offers everything from fun level C&I (conference and incentive) based events to high-end team and leadership development events and consultancy within its brands “Team DNA”, “Leadership DNA” and “Sustainable Teaming” (being integral now to numerous high-level internal client Leadership Academies).


Sabre also has been appointed by Belbin as their Australian Distributor for the Belbin Team Role Model and all associated products and services.


Sabre also operates a low cost / entry-level brand known as “Team Building Direct”.


Sabre has overseas offices, alliance partners and licensees currently in Dubai, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Hong Kong, Munich and Kuala Lumpur that can assist in Sabre offering truly global perspectives, design and delivery for clients. 



Team Building in Australia, Sabre's role in its history

An old team building pic taken at the GCI with Sabre
Sabre historic image of MD on the set of Mission Impossible
One of Sabre's first team building events on the Gold Coast
Historic pic of Sabre running team building in Fiji
Sabre running a team building event with a Pirate theme
Historic image of Sabre facilitators in a Flintstones theme
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