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CSI team building game
Murder Mystery Team Building with CSI the Death of a Diva

CSI Team Building Game.


CSI The Death of a Diva is a highly intriguing, engaging and unique team building murder mystery scenario with the added bonus of using genuine forensic approaches and methodologies to help solve the crime.  Teams are immersed from the very start in the entire investigative process! 


The conference is hilariously interrupted by a team of Detectives who noisily seal off the room and then declare the entire area a crime scene.  Carlotta Druscilla was a well-known local Diva and cabaret entertainer who frequented many of the bars and nightclubs in the local area, but also made plenty of enemies along the way.


Carlotta’s body has been found in a hotel room and Police are in no doubt that they are now dealing with a Murder. Police have managed to paint a pretty detailed picture of Carlotta’s last hours placing her with several characters that now form a short-list of suspects.


The investigation has ground to a halt and Police need the assistance of your team to recreate the last hours of Carlotta and produce a rich tapestry of evidence that will hopefully enable the arrest of the murderer before more Divas fall victim to this nasty horrid person. 


Teams will need to use a wide variety of skills to produce an accurate account of the events preceding this tragic event.  These skills will include analytical ability, information-gathering techniques, problem solving and the efficient use of the wide range of resources available to them.  Delegates are issued with a pack containing costumes, cameras and a variety of useful tools for their investigation. They may also acquire information from interviews of the main suspects.


Introducing the team building challenge


The Event Manager (in Police Investigator Guise) interrupts the conference to announce that a dire calamity has befallen the venue.  A well-known local Diva has been found murdered in the lobby.  Unfortunately the wrong doers have managed to steal all of the photographic evidence that would have enabled detectives to piece together what happened and thus corner the culprits.  The group is challenged to form investigative teams and set about an enjoyable team based investigative process to recreate the last hours of this colourful character.


Obtain Special Equipment


Each team will undertake team challenges or tasks to earn their equipment pack, which contains amongst other things, costume items for key characters and a camera and a limited supply of film.  These challenges can be selected purely for fun, or to actually have substantial relevance to key business issues and themes.


Plan the approach


Each team will find in their equipment pack a Police Evidence and crime scene report that details not only the picture painted so far by the evidence, but also detailed information from witnesses and suspects including audio tapes, written accounts and hard physical evidence.  Teams must collect and collate the information and take photographs replicating the last known movements of Carlotta. Teams will need to plan their approach for an allocated time for execution of their plans.


Real Forensic Approaches


This team challenge features genuine forensic methodologies and evidential techniques such as ballistics, serology, chromatography and fingerprint detection and identification.  This makes the concept far more intrigueing and engaging than just the usual “who-dunnit” board game style of approach!


Things that go bang


For any QLD based events (other states with Police permission) teams may also undertake the optional challenge of firing real handguns as part of the ballistic examination and verification process required to help identify a murder weapon, just as a real CSI team does.


Execute the plan


Teams embark upon a journey to trace the Diva’s last hours (using specially selected models from the team) and undertake challenges that will yield more information and clues.  Teams will need to use all the information at hand to determine who the murderer was.  This information is then presented on each team’s storyboard.


Teams present their portfolios


At the front of the room each team’s photographic storyboard is displayed and each team in turn will briefly present their findings.  The winning team will be determined from both the quality and humour of their portfolio as well as team performance in team challenge content.




C.S.I Death of a Diva is a great way for your group to work within a realistic team situation, however in a totally unique and challenging team building environment.  There is a lot of information to collect and collate, plus teams get to be creative with their photos and have great fun dressing up!








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