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A great indoor business team building game.
Indoor team building with Picture Perfect painting activity

Picture Perfect Team Building Activity


How many times have you been to an art gallery, looked at a famous work of art, and thought, “I would love to be able to do that!”? 


Well with the Picture Perfect team building challenge – you can! 


Imagine all of your delegates working to one common goal and creating a masterpiece together or alternatively an art gallery of a number of works of art?  Well here is your opportunity.


We have selected and created a number of colorful and interesting masterpieces.  Your challenge is to replicate them. We supply everything you need to create your own masterpiece. However, if there is a particular piece of art that you would like to use – perhaps one of your own advertising images, that is not a problem.  We will advise you on which paintings will work and the style most suitable.


You will have to work well as a team, co-ordinating your efforts as you work on these giant canvasses to recreate the master works. Artistic skills or mathematical precision – exactly how did those masters get their effects? You can, and will, find out!  


The final result will prove to be a remarkable piece of art.  The delegates will create something to be proud of and they will have all played an essential role in its creation. The standard in the past has proved to be good enough to hang in the office as testimony to the harmony in which the teams worked.  It will be immense both with regard to size and impact.


This team building activity will take up to two hours.  The delegates are given time to change and freshen up and when they return there will be a grand unveiling of their creation.  There will be cheers, applause and self-congratulations as they realise the scale of their success and how great things can happen when people work together well.


Each canvas will be pleasing to the eye in its own right.  The company may wish to hang an individual canvas up in every office to act as a reminder of how well things work when they pull together.  Or the masterpiece in its entirety could be hung up for all to see.  So pick-up a brush and get everyone focused on Picture Perfect….


Potential Key Learning Points / Outcomes from a Picture Perfect


Bigger Picture Thinking and Common Goals

In addition to their micro team responsibilities, all teams have a critical overall common challenge.  Issues of Big Picture versus Micro thinking will come into play as teams need to address not only their own project, but also those of other teams to ensure overall success.  It’s all very well to make our teams bit a “work of art”, but only by dovetailing our efforts carefully into the overall strategy will we create a true “Masterpiece”.


Cross-Functional Working

Groups simply must engage in quality cross-functional sharing of ideas and equipment to enable them to complete the project with greater speed, profitability or effectiveness. 


Team Roles and Diversity

Picture Perfect mirrors the dynamics of a team at work with many different team roles essential for a balanced and effective approach to the challenge.  Team members will find it essential that different team role styles come forward at the right times to deal with different aspects of the challenge. 


Fun and Motivation

Picture Perfect is a high energy and high fun challenge.  Teams have a great deal of fun, and motivate one another a great deal towards completion within the timeframe permitted.



Internal and external communication will be essential as teams need to interpret and then effectively communicate information that is critical to making sure the diverse elements of the project come together in the right way for the desired end result.  Failure to communicate effectively will result in confusion and bad execution.  The end result only comes together properly when teams have shared information and resources effectively.


Customer Focus

If we all share information and co-ordinate our efforts across the total group, the customer does not just see lots of little artworks, they will see a spectacular and conjoined masterpiece with commonality of colour, texture and image.


With the right systems and commitment anything can be done

Initially teams find it hard to believe they will actually be able to paint anything as a group.  When committed to making it work, and by utilising the right systems and approaches what seems impossible becomes not only possible, but very, very impressive indeed!


A lasting reminder of the event

If taken back to the workplace and displayed, the painting is a daily reminder and anchor for the key messages and issues addressed during the challenge.


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