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Sustainable Teaming - More Than Just One-Off Team Builds

Sustainable Teaming is a highly tailored approach that goes far beyond simple one-off team building events.

Sabre tailors 3, 6 and 12 month programmes using cutting edge profiles and multiple on and off-site sessions (including workshops, speakers and simulations / activities) so that teams and leaders can geneuinely understand and accelerate the teaming process.

With powerful underpinning gained from pre-event profiling and analysis each stage of the process can be designed with the specific needs of each client and each team in mind.

Each team can be progressively equipped with the inights and tools to sustain their own team development process ongoing as opposed to what can often be rushed or "hit and miss" team building activities. Greater depth and transferral comes from multiple follow-through steps that can be a mixture of facilitated and self-guided milestones.

Whether looking at Tuckman's "Form - Storm - Norm - Perform" model from the 1960's, or cutting edge neuroscience from the likes of the Neuropower Group that addresses how 6 major social sytems of the brain unfold during team development, it's best not to leave team development to chance.

Sustainable Teaming offers deeper insight and far better impact that traditional team building.

Sustainable Teaming is a Registered Trademark of Sabre Corporate Development.

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