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Strike Force still going strong.

Having just completed a great Stirke Force team building event this weekend on the Sunshine Coast, it struck us today just how well the Strike Force concept was still going after all of these years.

Strike Force in its very first evolution was created way back in 1988 to deliver the military theme and to impart leadership and team building insights to corporate teams. Our aim was to treat the militray theme with some credibility (as many Sabre team members have military experience), yet also with plenty of fun and theatricality so the format is inclusivesive and non-threatening.

This weekend we had the pleasure of working with the National Franchise Conference of Mr Rentals. It was great to see how well Strike Force can still deliver powerful messages and themes in accord with client aims and objectives.

Watching over 100 people transform from conference goers into a cammo clad corporate commando force is still a great feeling for the Sabre crew.

The military theme is still a powerful medium for business to explore approaches to change, adaptability and remaining competitive in complex and volatile environments.

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