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Belbin Accreditation

The benefits of becoming officially accredited in the Belbin Team Role Model

As Sabre Corporate Development is a Regional Representative for Belbin we are pleased to offer official Accreditation in the Belbin Model to professionals seeking that qualification.

This is a highly valuable and globally recognised certification for Consultants, HR and L&D professionals or team building providers to acquire. It provides not only great depth of insight into the model itself, but also myriad tools and ways to deploy the model with leaders, teams and clients.

Becoming officially accredited in Belbin provides a professional trainer or facilitator with sophisticated insight into the ways teams and leaders behave, as well as access to powerful tools for actually measuring this behaviour.

Using the Belbin Model to capture accurate and practical profiles into individual and collective team behaviour enables consultants and facilitators to work far more effectively towards real-world outcomes and culture change.

If you would like to become accredited in Belbin please contact us and we will be delighted to assist. Email -

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