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Team Building in times of crisis

Team Building in times of crisis

In turbulent and uncertain times business decision-makers often fall victim to the myriad stresses and pressures that can easily take their “eye off the ball” with regards to their basic team dynamics and overall team effectiveness.

Thus the need for building and maintaining team cohesion, morale and performance can be seen as secondary to what may seem to be more day to day emergencies.

This is despite team performance in fact being central to being able to deal with such day to day turbulence effectively in the first place. A professional team building experience will arguably be of just as much, if not more use during turbulent times as it would be when deployed in times of stability and prosperity owing to their ability to aid underlying team capability.

From a neurological point of view, human brains are well equipped to react to perceived external threats. The problem is that these reactions are quite often increasingly emotional during tough times and can trigger unconsciously what some call “amygdala moments” where primitive parts of the brain can lead to unintended relationship and mission adverse outcomes.

Maintaining a healthy team morale, working environment and strong interpersonal dynamics is nothing less than mission critical when both internal and external forces seem to be conspiring to create additional task related stress.

Quality team building experiences designed with the deeper realities of what drives people and teams in mind can greatly assist in maintaining team and organisational health in both the good times and the tough times.

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