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Belbin Accreditation Graduates On The Increase

It seems that we have been talking "Belbin Accreditation" quite a lot in the Sabre office of late?

There has been a significant spike in the interest for Belbin Accreditations from Learning and Development folk, HR leaders, Consultants, Business Leaders, Universities and other interested professionals.

We certainly get a profound sense of personal and professional satisfaction from seeing the immediate benefits that flow from attending and passing a Belbin accreditation course for our clients.

People not only understand the model and its potential applications in far greater depth, but they also gain tremendous personal insights that can improve their own daily team and leadership interactions.

The increased confidence that comes with learning to use a reliable and proven tool like Belbin at depth also enables them to become somewhat of a "Yoda" figure to others in their organisations when helping leaders, teams or their own clients.

Having used the model for many years, it was a rewarding privilege indeed to be entrusted with the status to formally accredit others.

To see others rewarded internally within their own organisations from acquiring this enhanced knowledge is a genuine thrill for us.

With an increasing demand for accreditations like this, all we can say is "bring it on".

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