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Our team challenge "The Agency" remains a popular choice for conference team building.

The Agency a Sabre team building challenge.jpg

In recent months we have delivered many of our television ad making challenges "The Agency" for a wide range of conference and incentive clients.

Making short films and ads provides a wonderful format for the creative integration of key conference messages, themes and of course key company values, products and initiatives. They can be more than just funny momentos of a conference, and can carry within them lasting messages and lasting value for team and leadership development outcomes.

It's always a big hit with clients who of course will not only produce, script and film these ads themselves, but are also the stars of the show. This challenge is not just about making some silly clips, as there are serious technical workshops for key inputs such as scripting, story boards, camera techniques, editing, make-up etc.

All team members need to appear onscreen at least once in each ad, even if they have gravitated towards the more technical "behind the scenes" roles. It's often the more shy and reserved types (that have attempted to avoid the limelight) that will end up delivering the most suprising and memorable performances. It's the quiet ones you have to watch huh?

Not only does this event format provide a memorable approach for breaking the ice and networking, but it's a substantial real time project that requires a blend of creativity, planning and pragmatic execution to do well.

As a conference based team building experience, it also offers the added bonus of some great follow on evening entertainment for an Oscar's style screening and awards ceremony.

To see more click through to our page on ad and movie making styles.

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