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Picture Perfect team building with Evocca

Evocca doing team builidng with Sabre's Picture Perfect activity..jpg

This week we saw a truly wonderful masterpiece created by some very effective teams from Evocca.

The activity selected was our "Picture Perfect" team challenge that is very useful for illustrating the power of cross-functional collaboration, communication and execution within organisations.

Teams begin working seperately on their own canvasses and progressively start to share, collaborate and work with all teams. They must ensure that each part of the "bigger picture" will dovetail to eventually create an impressive united outcome.

When the final masterpiece is conjoined into its giant frame teams are usually speechless at what they have actually managed to acheive by working together.

Picture Perfect is simply one of the best conference team building activities around.

It can deliver an important series of messages, re-enforce many team and leadership models, deliver an impressive end result to hang on the office wall and all in approximately 2 hours.

This is a sophisticated team challenge that's far more than just freestyle painting, it requires genuine planning and execution to pull off.

Well done to the guys from Evocca who produced a truly wonderful masterpiece.

Picture Perfect team building image.jpg

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