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Amazing Race now the most "done to death" team building format on earth.

In the last week or so Sabre has seen at least a dozen clients specifically request "no Amazing Race style options please" for their proposal / quote requests.

Several of those clients actually used the phrase "it's done to death now" when referencing Amazing Race as a potential team building format.

Yippee, and about time we say.

The popularity of the reality TV driven genre was undeniable, and we had our own versions that were created to meet the obvious market demand. They could also be a lot of fun when well run, but it really is time for this format to be relegated to the archives of team building history (along with Survivor, Master Chef and the Ropes Course).

There are just so many other quality options that are more original, creative and effective for conferences and events.

Virtually every seasoned conference goer (and even school kid for that matter) has now experienced some form of Amazing Race knock-off, and so no matter how well run they are now, it's just a bit passe for a discerning audience. Whether they are done "old school" or using tablets / iPads and smart phones, people are just tired of the format whether it be termed "race" or "scramble", "hunt" etc.

No doubt some demand will remain, but they are definitely on the way out with creative team building providers breathing a collective sigh of relief as their clients request more sophisticated and original offerings in their place.

Luckily Sabre has plenty of depth when it comes to those other options, check out our team building themes page to see more.

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