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Belbin Accreditation for team building experts

We'd like to congratulate our latest Belbin Accreditation Course graduates.

As Belbin Distributor for Australia Sabre can deliver the official two day Belbin Accreditation course, which equips Belbin users to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. Those accredited include consultants, team building facilitators, HR and L&D professionals, academics and business leaders.

The Belbin Model is renowned world-wide as providing the gold standard for team building that is evidence based and delivers lasting value through deep personal insight into behavioural strengths and weaknesses.

The two day course instructs Belbin users in how to set up and interpret individual Belbin profiles, team reports and how to conduct their own Belbin sessions and workshops for team building, team development and leadership development.

Belbin's famous model is used globally as is the accompanying Interplace system.

The Interplace system is used for generating detailed profiles and reports from not only self reporting via the "Self Perception Inventory" but also via multiple Observers for genuine 360 degree input.

Belbin users can access profiles and reports via our system, or acquire their very own.

Now deployed in over 25 countries the Belbin model and Interplace system allows team members, leaders, managers and HR professionals to better undertsand, engage and work with those around them.

For more information on our next open / public accreditation courses (we can schedule tailored in-house and one to one courses as required) contact us or visit our dedicated Belbin Australia website.

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