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Theme Park Team Building on the Gold Coast

Sabre has partnered with Village Roadshow Theme Parks to offer some great team building and event packages within the parks.

These leading Australian theme parks offer truly exciting and colourful backdrops for a wide range of exciting indoor and outdoor options.

At the fun end of the event spectrum we can get teams out and about in the parks to undertake some unique team challenges whilst also experiencing the major rides and attractions.

If more serious team and leadership development outcomes are required, then we can easily use Belbin behavioural profiles and reports as well as sophisticated business games to help individuals and teams truly discover their natural “super powers”.

Even with serious team development and learning outcomes in mind, a world-class theme park can help to create a highly novel and engaging atmosphere to enhance the learning process.

Over the years we have designed and delivered many great programmes and events for clients within these parks. This has been a mixture of Australian and international business tourism / conference visitors to Australia’s Gold Coast, as well as local SE QLD corporate and business clients. This formal event partnership to create a range of new packages is an exciting opportunity to bring the approaches to an even wider audience.

So whether it be making your own team movies at Movie World, building Pirate Boats at Sea World or an outdoor Strike Force at Paradise Country, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor options designed to suit the parks and their unique attractions.

Packages can also be tailored to include some wonderful entertainment, food and beverage options to create a truly one-stop event option.

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