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Sabre's historic military vehicles get used for more than just team building

Every Queen's Birthday weekend the Fort Lytton National Park precinct in Brisbane hosts one of the world's premier living history events "History Alive".

This year Sabre took along one of our classic military vehicles, a WW2 1942 M3A1 White Scout Car to add to the massive range of displays and encampments on offer.

History Alive has faithfully reconstructed encampments and displays ranging from the stone age to Vikings, Romans, Medieval, Napoleonic and the modern era complete with fully attired living history experts and enthusiasts. We highly recommend a visit, as it really is one of the world's best living history events and is also becoming a major QLD tourism event and attraction.

Sabre's collection of historic military vehicles mainly gets used for our range of military themed team building and leadership development approaches, but is also made available for historic, community and film and television projects.

Sabre also has some great historically themed team building approaches and business games inspired by our own interest in history and its lessons for teamwork, leadership and surviving in complex times.

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