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Belbin and Boats for Out Performers on Magnetic Island

We have recently delivered a Belbin team development session for the great folks from Out-Performers on beautiful Magnetic Island.

A Belbin session is an ideal way to achieve pragmatic and useful insight into team strengths with a view to enhancing engagement and team performance.

Individual Belbin profiles (created from not only “Self Perception”, but also multiple reliable Observers), offers business relevant behavioural advice for natural, manageable and least preferred team behaviours.

Once the model and individual profiles have been explored, Team Reports help functional teams better understand the dynamics at play within the team and to better enable their strengths to be exploited in real world projects.

In this instance we had a delightful FNQ Spring day so ventured outdoors to the stunning Horseshoe Bay for a hands-on team challenge task. Our Kon Tiki Boat building task was selected as a nice way to bring some of the team behviours to life and finish the day with a fun yet meaningful challenge.

Magnetic Island, which sits off Townsville in Far North Queensland, provides a secluded and relaxed environment for a team retreat. A pleasure to work there and also with such a successful and high performing team.

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